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In brief...


At the age of 53 I've decided to pursue something I've inadvertently been doing for the longest time. Namely correcting other people's errors. Whether it's letter writing, posters, hand written letters, advertising circulars et al., I'm immediately drawn to those glaring mistakes .


As I'm just starting out as a freelance proofreader, I don't have an impressive resumé to fall back on apart from a friends novel and  ill soon be starting on two novels by another very promising author.


As a novel (pun intended) way of introducing myself I would ask anyone who cares to help me out, by submitting up to 2500 words and I will proofread them free of charge*. If, after this, you are happy with my work I will be delighted to finish the task.


*Please note: You are under no obligation if you decide not to proceed.

**AND YES...there are some mistakes above. Can you spot them all?

Effective writing is critical in conveying your ideas in a way that delivers and projects your own unique voice professionally.​
Great writers concisely and clearly communicate their message, which enables their readers to consume their writing with ease.​
Proofreading will ensure your writing is error-free and the best it can be.​
I will edit your work to help you take your writing to the next level.​
Your Work Needs Professional Book Proofreading

Why do all great authors need editors to proofread their books? Here are three main reasons:


  1. You’re too familiar with your book. If you’ve laboured over your book for months or years, you are no longer able to approach the revision process with the objective perspective it requires. This makes you more likely to overlook mistakes since you already understand what you’re trying to say.

  2. To err is human. Even the most competent and careful writers make mistakes, especially after the stress and exhaustion that follows months of planning, researching, and writing.

  3. The English language is complex. It has thousands of rules and idiosyncrasies, and only a highly experienced and qualified editor has the training and skills needed to proofread your book with precision.


Unfortunately, most publishers and agents won’t even finish reading a manuscript if they encounter errors in copy and style. Without proper book proofreading and editing, your hard work may be tossed aside. If you are self-publishing, mistakes in your writing can detract from the integrity of your work. Readers may not take your book seriously if it’s cluttered with errors.


Don’t let avoidable mistakes prevent your book from being published and your voice from being heard. You can submit your manuscript HERE.

Last, but not least, avoid cliches like the plague.


Fill in the form and I will contact you ASAP

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